JUMVEA Joining Procedure

Procedure for joining JUMVEA

  1. To join our association, download the PDF files from the Application Documents for Joining the Association on our Website. Then fill out the necessary portions of the Application for Joining Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association and the promissory letter, sign them, and mail them to our Executive Office along with a copy of your license to sell used items and a certified copy of register.
  2. After the Executive Office approves your application based on the regulations of our association, you will receive an email containing PDF files of invoices for your investment (full members only) or initiation fee (supporting members only), and your annual membership fee.
  3. Please deposit the amount billed into the specified account.
  4. After confirming that your investment and annual membership fee have been deposited into our account, the Executive Office will temporarily register you as a member on our special Website, and send your temporary ID and password to your email address.
  5. As a new member you may access our special Website indicated in the email containing your temporary ID and password, by logging in with your temporary ID and password. Then after filling in the necessary member's information, you will be a registered member.
  6. After you have completed the registration process, our Executive Office will perform final approval of your membership.