Get Cars Japan Ltd.  Since 1995

Total Views25,286
Company AddressMotohamacho 1-26-7, Amagasaki - 661-0085, Hyogo, Japan
Company Telephone+81-6-6415-9770
Company Fax+81-6-6415-9770
000430 Year
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Contact Person [Position]Mark Cathcart [Managing Director]
Mark Cathcart Telephone+81-9010217559
Contact Person [Position]Paul Cathcart [Manager - Customer Support]
Paul Cathcart Telephone+81-90-37131203


» Membership ID  :  000430
» Capital  :  5,000,000
» Office Timing  :  Monday to Saturday,
» Holiday  :  Sundays, Japanese public holidays
» Year Established  :  1995
» Language  :  English, Japanese, Russian
» Business Type  :  Dealer, Auction Agent, Exporter, Services, Shipping Services
» Deals In  :  Any Vehicles - cars, buses, trucks, bikes ...
» Export To  :  Latin America, Middle East, Worldwide, Asia, Oceania, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, North America, East Africa, West Africa, South West Asia, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, East Europe, Russia

Get Cars Japan was founded by an Australian living in Japan since 1995.


GET CARS JAPAN Ltd. is a leading vehicle auction agent in Japan that purchases motor vehicles and parts for overseas clients and arranges exporting.
The company was originally established in 2001, and is owned and operated by an Australian who has lived in Japan since 1995.

Our company goal is to provide clients with the cheapest possible means of attaining vehicles from the Japanese auctions. We pride ourselves on honesty and fairness, and charge bare minimum commissions in order to help clients increase profit margins.

We have several bilingual staff that help translate Japanese documents and give customers information about the condition of cars before the auction begins.
We are open to serve clients from all countries, and aim to make overseas purchases as easy as possible, with mutual trust and respect.

Our terms of trade provide for a fair business partnership, and protect the client conducting business with us.

Get Cars Japan Ltd. is a friendly, professional company, and we will always do our best to locate the vehicles your company needs.