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Company Address1-27-29 Aoi, Naka-ku, Nagoya - 460-0006, Aichi, Japan
Company Telephone+81-52-935-7112
Company Fax+81-52-936-1833
000448 Year
JUMVEA Safe Trade Member
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Contact Person [Position]Yasutaka Kiso [Manager]


» Membership ID  :  000448
» Capital  :  30000000
» Turn Over  :  63000000
» Office Timing  :  9:00 - 18:00
» Year Established  :  1974
» Payment Terms  :  T/T
» Language  :  English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese
» Business Type  :  Auction Agent, Exporter
» Deals In  :   Cars, Trucks, Buses
» Export To  :  Asia, Oceania, Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Russia


“Quality Cars Japan.com” is a website specializing in the exportation of second hand vehicle, and is operated by Meiho Tsusho Corporation. As one of the seven affiliates of Kirix group, Meihou tsusho is responsible for the trading functions, from exportation of second hand vehicles and automobile components, to importation of health products.


Netz Toyota Higashinagoya Co., Ltd., an authorized dealer of Toyota Motor Corporation supplying Toyota and Lexus trade-in cars to “Quality Cars Japan.com”.
Kirix Lease Co., Ltd., the pioneer of car lease business with full-maintenance service in Japan, supplying ex-lease commercial vehicles to “Quality Cars Japan.com”.
Meiho Tsusho Corporation, through “Quality Cars Japan.com”, supplies high quality products which are hand picked and inspected one by one (from Netz Toyota Higashi-Nagoya, Kirix Lease and other sources) in order to meet our unique standards, thereby assuring safety to our customers.


Meiho Tsusho Corporation
As the trading affiliate of Kirix Group, Meiho Tsusho is responsible for the exportation of second hand vehicles, sales of automobile components, and importation of health products.

Netz Toyota Higashi-Nagoya Co., Ltd.
Authorized new car dealer of Toyota Motor Corp. With 26 branches across Aichi prefecture, Netz Toyota Higashi-Nagoya supplies vehicles from Toyota, Lexus and Volkswagen, and has gained positive reputation from customers through unique sales structures and original product maintenance systems.

Kirindom Co., Ltd., Meiho Toyopet Service Co., Ltd.
The mother company of Kirix Group was founded in 1960, with full commitment to providing and supplying each and every customers with top quality second hand Japanese vehicles. Strict inspections and clearing criterions include; safety maintenance, anti-bacterial treatments, clean-up/deodorization of the interior and providing customers with vehicles that can be driven straight back to their homes upon purchase.

Kirindom Bodyshop
Basing work ethics upon the principle of, “The Toyota Production System”.
Kirindom Body shop provides on-schedule refurbishment of vehicles, through the usage of new metal parts and high-tech, top of the line machinery and tools.

Kirix Lease Co., Ltd.
The first company ever in Japan to undertake the car leasing service with full maintenance support. Through unique systems and abundant know-how, Kirix Lease contributes to corporate users by providing practical management solutions.

Kirix Insurance System
Services includes; supplying the most suitable insurance contract to each and every customer, consultation of contracts, and providing guidance and training on road safety. When traffic accidents do occur our specialized staffs are on constant stand-by to provide customers with a satisfying settlement.

Please note that all above services (in the exception of second hand vehicle export provided by Meiho Tsusho Corporation), are made available only for customers with Japanese residency.