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A CEO’s job is to manage the company, and there are some CEOs who feel that time spent talking to investors could be better spent managing. I can’t agree with that view; I enjoy meeting and talking with investors, and these days there seems to be a constant stream of brokers, fund managers and stock analysts coming to visit. Far from being annoyed, I welcome them. I am pleased that so many investment professionals are interested in USS. They praise our business model and our unusually strong market position. Of course, many of them have questions about our business and about our future, and I’m always happy to answer them. I believe that the more thoroughly investors understand our business, the more they will want to hold our shares over the long term.

In the interests of trying to communicate with as many investors as possible, I will try to reply to some of the questions I hear most often. Think of this as the “CEO’s FAQ” – my most frequently asked questions.