JUMVEA Organization Outline

Governing Structure of Association

  1. Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws The articles of incorporation constitute the basic rules and regulations regarding the organization and operation of the association.
  2. General Meeting
    The General Meeting, which consists of members of the association, is the highest decision-making body.
  3. Board of Directors The Board of Directors is the decision-making body for the enforcement of association business.
  4. Officers
    • Directors The directors, who make up the Board of Directors, make decisions regarding the enforcement of business.
    • Representative Directors
      (i) Representative Directors represent the association and possess executive authority for the execution of business.
      (ii) Involved in executing association business, the Representative Directors consists of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Executive Director.
    • Controller
      The Controller audits account settlement documents and the organization and operation of the association.
  5. Executive Office The Executive Office is in charge of clerical departments which implement the decisions of the General Meeting and Board of Directors.

Business Outline

  1. Business regarding cooperative buying
  2. Market development for exports
  3. Business regarding joint-custodial matters
  4. Business regarding cooperative export
  5. Business regarding joint-inspection
  6. Business regarding cooperative shipping
  7. Business regarding the lending of business funds
  8. Business regarding debt guarantee to financial institutions
  9. Business regarding education and related information
  10. Business regarding benefits