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Mr. Haruyasu Ito  [President]


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G.A.T.'s original mission was simply the export of RHD Japanese used cars. We soon realized the limitations of this policy. We responded to the demand for LHD Japanese used vehicles by starting a high-value, high-quality steering conversion service. This successful strategy moved our company in a new direction.

Before we began our steering conversion service, vehicles were converted at their export destination. Problems were many and the eventual cost was often very high. Conversion work done in Japan by GAT soon gained a reputation for high quality and low cost. Our company has prospered.

We provide high-quality steering conversion to overseas customers and Japanese used vehicle exporters at the lowest possible price.

Our primary goal is to provide high quality at low price.

Unlike other companies doing steering conversion, we make every effort to reuse parts during the conversion process. Using new parts does reduce labor time but greatly increases conversion cost. We purchase new parts only when absolutely necessary. Reusing old parts saves money and keeps costs down. On balance, our way of doing things is cheaper.

We're experts at using available parts during the conversion process.

In some cases, LHD parts are simply not available. The only way to make the conversion is using available parts. GAT can do this. Other companies can't.

We constantly strive to keep costs low no matter how complex the conversion process.

Sometimes, everything fits except the rack and pinion assembly. A new one must be purchased. We're experts at finding and buying suitable assemblies.